Writing role models

NYT-bestselling author Suzanne Brockmann takes care to create heroines who can stand up to take-charge men. But why is it important to spend time on developing heroines when popular belief says romance readers care more the heroes? It benefits women in the world beyond the pages, says Brockmann.


What do you look for in a heroine?

You have to kind of find female characters that can hold their own against these really kind of alpha take-charge types so it’s been interesting creating these women who are a good match for them. I think that the message that I know that I send in my books is that women can be strong. And that women should be strong. And that love isn’t about losing yourself, but rather working in a partnership. And that love between two people includes respect. You know, I think that there are a lot of people who are in relationships that maybe aren’t very respectful.

And it’s almost like a recipe or, you know, a role model. I, actually, think some of my heroines are really serious role models for women who may be in relationships that are not as equal as they should be. And so I feel like that’s, you know, this message that we put out there when we write our books. And that it is a partnership. It’s not about “Some day my prince will come and make me feel complete.” But more of a “Some day I’m going to meet somebody, and we’ll work side by side, and build this future together.” And I think that’s a really important message to tell women who may not be getting it from their community otherwise.

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