A tribute to Gerald Jackson Sr.

Having filmed romance author Brenda Jackson and her husband, Gerald Jackson Sr., over the past few years, filmmaker Laurie Kahn would like to offer a tribute to Gerald Sr., who passed away in 2013.


A tribute to Gerald Jackson Sr., who will be missed by all who knew him

Brenda Jackson: During the late ’80s, early ’90s, publishers were not accepting African American love stories. I was told that there was no market, I was even told by an editor that there is no such thing as black love. I was not happy about it, because I felt like I was an example of black love. My husband and I, we dated, we had the typical childhood romance.

Gerald Jackson Sr.: Well, it’s so long. Me and her have been together since she was, oh, 14 years old, I was 16 years old.

Brenda Jackson: And I did, at 14, I fell in love. And I know a lot of mothers don’t want to hear that, but I did. I met this young man, and at 15 he gave me this ring, my going steady ring. And I still wear it today, and next week we will celebrate our 39th year of marriage.

Gerald and Brenda Jackson were a couple for 46 years

[Footage from the Brenda Jackson Cruise, Alaska, 2013]

Gerald Jackson, to a crowd of his wife’s fans: Everybody having a good time?

Crowd: Yeah!

Gerald Jackson: You’ve got the queen of romance, my wife, Brenda Jackson! You all hear what I say?

[Footage from the premiere of Truly Everlasting, Jacksonville, FL, 2011]

Brenda Jackson, to the premiere audience: And I would be very, very remiss if I didn’t recognize the one, the only, the incomparable Mr. Soul Explosion from 1967, Gerald Jackson Sr. [looks up to Gerald in the audience, as he waves]

Gerald Jackson Sr, 1951-2013

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