Selling Romance

Learn about changes in the publishing industry, the rise of digital and self-publishing, how romance novels are designed and marketed, and other related topics.

A good cover

Film still, Kim Killion interview

As more people shop online for their next read, cover designers have to make sure their covers are eye-catching at any size, says designer Kim Killion.

In on the ground floor

Film still, Steve Axelrod interview

Agent Steven Axelrod has represented romance authors for more than 30 years, since the market opened up to American writers in the 1980s.

Exploring male agency

Film still, Doreen DeSalvo interview

Male romance lets women explore romance in different ways says author and publisher Doreen DeSalvo.

Pacing yourself

Film still, Steve Axelrod, interview

New romance authors face enormous pressure says agent Steven Axelrod.

Choosing category romance

Film still, interview, Jessica Andersen

Writing category romance has advantages over writing single-title. Author Jessica Andersen shares the pros and cons.

Reading gay romance

Two women embracing at the 29th Annual Vancouver Pride Parade

Same-sex romance novels have taken off in the past few years. Author Jessica Freely looks at who reads these stories, and why.

A picture is worth…

Film still, Interview, Kim Killion

Romance cover designer Kim Killion describes the process of negotiating with publishers to figure out just what they need.

Getting started with covers

Film still, Pickyme - How did you get started designing book covers?

Every week, artist Pickyme (Patricia Schmitt) designs as many as three new romance novel covers. How did she get started in design?

Romance responsiveness

Film still, Sarah Frantz, 2013, Joseph Friedman, Popular Romance Project

With the quick turnaround publishers expect from romance writers, romance novels are one of the most market-responsive genres.

The price of romance

Film still, Steve Axelrod, 2012, Joseph Friedman, Popular Romance Project

Battles between publishers help set the price of ebooks, says Agent Steven Axelrod.