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Being creative and analytical

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Many romance writers get into the field because they loved reading romance. So when Bella Andre crafts a series, she finds it easier because she can writer the characters and stories that she would want to read. But as a self-publishing author, she still…

An accidental novel

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Bella Andre had just made the switch from songwriting when fictional characters started having conversations in her head. Most people would be worried they are going crazy, but for Bella, she knew it was the start of a new career.

Quality rises

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As a writer, Sherry Thomas says she needs time and space to step back from her work. Only then can she find the parts of the novel that are working, and those that have room for improvement.

Crafting a persona

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Catherine Roach didn’t think her last name was particularly appealing for a romance writer. So she created a pen name that is a little more “romantic” and “exotic.” Here, she talks about what taking on a pen name can do for your writing and…

Writing comes first

Film still, Bella Andre - What happened when you started self-publishing

Author Bella Andre enjoys the take-charge requirements of self-publishing, but it’s not for everyone.

Clothes make the woman

Film still, Shelley Bates interview

Author Shelley Bates walks a mile in the shoes of her Regency, steampunk, and Amish characters, literally.

Forming a partnership

Film still, Jayne Ann Krentz, Joseph Friedman, Popular Romance Project

Author Jayne Ann Krentz writes heroes and heroines who share her worldviews–and who are a little bit psychic.

And then I read your book

Film still, Cindy Gerard, interview

Books can save lives. Author Cindy Gerard received fan mail from a veteran who found hope in her books.

Putting a bonnet on it

Film still, Shelley Bates interview

Author Shelley Bates writes Amish romance under the pen name Adina Senft. What unique skills does writing Amish romance require? Who reads Amish romance, and why do they read it? Bates answers.

Military characters

Film still, Cindy Gerard, 2012, Joseph Friedman, Popular Romance Project

Cindy Gerard, author of romantic suspense, explains why she started writing novels about veterans and the difficulties they face.