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The black feminist love story

"Zora Hurston, beating the mama drum," Library of Congress, 1937.

Their Eyes Were Watching God features a tragic love story. So what made it a model love story for future generations?

Advice from the lovelorn

Painting, Mary Elizabeth Maxwell (née Braddon), 1865, William Powell Frith, public domain

Can a heroine win if she doesn’t get her man? In Louisa May Alcott’s Behind the Mask and Mary Elizabeth Braddon’s Lady Audley’s Secret, the ‘losers’ win.

Unhappily ever after

Alan Weiss (cover art), “I Was a Girl Who’d Stop at Nothing” from My Love #17, Stan Lee (writer) and George Tuska (illustrator), 1972.

Can unhappy endings be idealistically romantic, too? Jacque Nodell takes a look at a tale of squandered opportunity penned by Stan Lee.

The tragic love story (pt. 2)

Film still, Eric Selinger interview

Tragic love stories contain wisdom that complements the optimism of the American HEA, says professor Eric Selinger.

The tragic love story (pt. 1)

Film still, Eric Selinger interview

Romance novels’ HEA provides one sort of satisfaction, but what purpose do tragic love stories? Scholar Eric Selinger considers.

Truths about Shakespeare

Lithograph, "Romeo & Juliet," c.1879, Metropolitan Litho. Studio, Library of Congress

Shakespeare’s sonnets, romantic? Scholar Robert Matz takes a closer look at these complicated poems.

Interdisciplinary love studies

Photo, 154/365 - Heart for you, Olga Filonenko, Mar. 24, 2013, Flickr, creative commons

When we think about love, do we cast too narrow a net? Dr. Stephanie Evans makes the call to think more broadly about the many faces of love.

The American HEA

Film still, Eric Selinger interview

Modern American romance readers expect a happy ending. Are these expectations unique?

The romance of WWII?

Photo, Fumiko Isumizawa and G McCaughey cutting their wedding cake, 25 Oct. 1952, Australian War Memorial, Flickr Commons

Was the reality of romance during World War II as satisfying as the images we see in popular culture? Scholar Karen Dunak takes a look.

Bond in love

Film still, Casino Royale, Martin Campbell, 2006, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

In James Bond’s world, the romance narrative must always fail. How and why? asks scholar Jayashree Kamble.