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Shall we dance?

Cover image, How to Dance: A Complete Ball-room and Party Guide, 1878, Tousey & Small, public domain

The Library of Congress’ collection of ballroom dance manuals lets visitors peek back into the history of one of the most romantic of pastimes.

Diotima: Classical love

Photo, Roman female sarcophagus muses left side, Jonathan Dresner, 2008, Flickr

The website Diotima introduces visitors to love, romance, and the roles of women in the ancient classical world.

The Republic of Pemberley

Plate, Interiors, From Fragments on the Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening, 1816, Humphry Repton, T. Bensley and Son, public domain

What does it mean to be a Janeite? The Republic of Pemberley is one place to learn.

1,100 Pages of Austen

Copy of Pride and Prejudice, opened to the title page

Ever wonder what happened to the manuscripts of Jane Austen’s novels? Amy Elizabeth Smith explores their digital incarnation.

Proceedings of the Old Bailey

Photo, The Central Criminal Court, Old Bailey, Alan Denney, 2012, Flickr, Creative Commons

Historic court records capture the married and romantic life of the lower classes in the Proceedings of the Old Bailey.

Archive of Our Own

Photo, Cosplay photography moo cards, Jonathan McIntosh, Flickr, 2010

What do romance fiction and fanfiction have in common? Scholar Katherine Morrissey explore fanfiction website Archive of Our Own.

Victorian women writers

Woman Reading, c. 1890, Flickr Commons, National Media Museum, Kodak Gallery Collection

What romance novels from the past have you read? The Victorian Women Writers Project makes available many sentimental works.