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Clothes make the woman

Film still, Shelley Bates interview

Author Shelley Bates walks a mile in the shoes of her Regency, steampunk, and Amish characters, literally.

The Republic of Pemberley

Plate, Interiors, From Fragments on the Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening, 1816, Humphry Repton, T. Bensley and Son, public domain

What does it mean to be a Janeite? The Republic of Pemberley is one place to learn.

1,100 Pages of Austen

Copy of Pride and Prejudice, opened to the title page

Ever wonder what happened to the manuscripts of Jane Austen’s novels? Amy Elizabeth Smith explores their digital incarnation.

Regencies and the modern girl

Three women in Regency dresses walking down a street

What makes the Regency appealing to modern women? The clear rules of social propriety, says Natalie Duvall.

The value of discretion

Photo, Mischief Mari with Jane Austen Teapot Cookie, mischief mari, Nov. 2, 2007, Flickr, Creative Commons

Amy Elizabeth Smith had to decide how to balance editorial, public, and personal interests when writing about her own romance (and Jane Austen).

MacLean’s Eleven Scandals

Film still, Sarah MacLean, Joseph Friedman, Popular Romance Project

How do romance readers and writers share the books they love? Sarah MacLean shares her work at Lady Jane’s Salon in NYC.

Don’t judge a book by…

Cover, The Secret History of the Pink Carnation, 2010, Lauren Willig, Signet Select

How do publishers decide genre labels? The Secret History of the Pink Carnation is and isn’t historical romance, chick lit, and literary fiction.

Christmas past

Postcard, Herzliche Neujahrsgruße!, August Rokl, New York Public Library Digital Gallery

Historical authors are sometimes caught between historical accuracy and meeting reader expectations. How do they compromise?

Regency resources

Heather Cowper, "Regency Dress from the Fashion Museum in Bath," Flickr, 2008.

Author Isobel Carr recommends resources for writing Regency romance.

Pearce’s must-haves

Oil on canvas, The Marquise de Pezé and the Marquise de Rouget with Her Two Children, 1787, Elisabeth Vigée-LeBrun, original in collection of the National Gallery of Art

Historical romances are backed by hours of research. Author Kate Pearce shares her favorite reference books.