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Growing into romance

Film still, Melanie Ann Schaeffer interview

Author Melanie Ann Schaeffer found her reading niche when she first encountered romance novels. Writing and reading romance provides her with an occasional welcome escape from reality, and a way of exploring love and humor with boomer-era characters.

Trust a woman

Film still, J. Perry Stone, interview

Like many romance authors, J. Perry Stone first discovered romance by raiding her mother’s stash.

Never give up

Film still, Robyn Carr and Jamie, 2012, Joseph Friedman, Popular Romance Project

Author Robyn Carr’s daughter, Jamie, admires her mother’s stick-to-it-ive-ness to this day.

We were all big fish

Film still, Cindy Gerard, interview

Author Cindy Gerard gained confidence and a love of books during her small-town childhood.

A tribute to Gerald Jackson Sr.

Screenshot, Brenda and Gerald Sr. Jackson, premiere of Truly Everlasting, 2011, Laurie Kahn

Filmmaker Laurie Kahn offers a tribute to Gerald Sr., husband of author Brenda Jackson, who passed away in 2013.

Family and childhood

Film still, Brenda Jackson, 2011, Joseph Friedman, Popular Romance Project

Where did your favorite authors grow up? What were their families like? Thirteen romance authors shared their pasts with the Popular Romance Project.

Childhood reading

Film still, Kim Castillo, 2013, Joseph Friedman, Popular Romance Project

To be a writer, you have to be a reader. What books did romance authors fall in love with when they were children?

The road to romance

Film still, Jill Shalvis, 2012, Joseph Friedman, Popular Romance Project

Jill Shalvis remembers growing up a “very natural L.A. girl.” She never left the valley in her youth, spending her time on the beach–and in the fiction section of the library.

Many different lives

Film still, Debbie Kaufman, 2011, Joseph Friedman, Popular Romance Project

Reading and writing let author Debbie Kaufman experience a “number of different lives.”

Memories and old wounds

Film still, Kristan Higgins, Joseph Friedman, Popular Romance Project

Author Kristan Higgins grew up in a small town and uses that experience to inform her contemporary romance novels.