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Writing mature love

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Jennifer Crusie says that the structure of romance novels makes it difficult for them to depict mature love. Rarely do novels cover a several year period, and so writers have to foreshadow a deeper connection than the infatuation that comes from the characters first…

The stigma of romance


In many business environments, women are held back by what is known as the glass ceiling, where men advance to higher positions faster. So what happens for males working in the female dominated environment of popular romance?

Smart people in romance


Jen Lois and Joanna Gregson set out to study romance writers and see what made the community unique. Along the way, they found that romance writers come from very different backgrounds than they expected.

Gender matters

lois regson

What makes the popular romance community so unique? Jen Lois and Joanna Gregson set out to study how writers construct their characters, but ended up finding a much more interesting story in how the romance community supports itself.

Optimism in U.S. Romance

Film still, Eric Selinger interview

Where did the American expectation of a happy ending to romantic stories originate? Scholar Eric Selinger looks back.

Where are the “fun” books?

Photo, Rainbow of Books, John Nakamura Remy, Sept. 26 2009, Flickr, Creative Commons

Why do university libraries often avoid stocking romance novels? University librarian Sarah Sheehan explores collection policies.

One more glass ceiling

Film still, Jayashree Kamble interview

Scholar Jayashree Kamble got her first academic job as a popular romance scholar.

Overcoming stereotypes

Film still, An Goris interview

Scholar An Goris read English-language romance novels in Dutch translation as a child. Today, she studies popular romance.

Studying popular romance

Film still, Sarah Frantz, 2013, Joseph Friedman, Popular Romance Project

Scholar and editor Sarah Frantz helped found the groundbreaking International Association for the Study of Popular Romance.