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Where are the “fun” books?

Photo, Rainbow of Books, John Nakamura Remy, Sept. 26 2009, Flickr, Creative Commons

Why do university libraries often avoid stocking romance novels? University librarian Sarah Sheehan explores collection policies.

Curating a collection

Library bookshelves of romance novels

Librarian Sarah Sheehan’s five questions to ask yourself as you curate your personal romance collection.

Circulating romance

Photo, The Heart of the Library, Kate Ter Haar, Feb. 13, 2012, Flickr, Creative Commons

How does adding romance novels to collections impact libraries? Christyna Hunter shares her experiences.

Librarian by day

Photo, Library, Ellen Forsyth, 3 September 2009, Flickr, creative commons

As the title of this post probably tells you, I’m a librarian for my day job. I don’t normally wear my hair in a bun, but I do sport a pair of glasses and have been known to shush people while at the reference…

Writing on a dare

Film still, Crystal Jordan, Joseph Friedman, Project Romance Project

Author and librarian Crystal Jordan started writing romance on a dare from her grandmother.