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Rewarding women

Crusie2 copy

The writing process is very different for men and women, says Jennifer Crusie. She compared men’s adventure novels with romance fiction and found a stark contrast between the two. Men’s novels set up women as inferior, while in romance novels, women were rewarded for…

Byronic alpha males

Film still, Sarah Frantz, interview

Scholar and editor Sarah Frantz traces the alpha male hero’s history from Byron to the present day.

Studying Nora Roberts

Film still, An Goris interview

Scholar An Goris focuses on how Nora Roberts’ work has changed as the genre has changed—and how that work has changed the genre in return.

Teaching the romance

Film still, Jessie Matthews interview

George Mason University professor Jessie Matthews shares her reasons for designing an undergraduate literature course on romance novels.

Making rakes from real men

Painting, Gwyllym Lloyd Wardle, Arthur William Devis, 1809, public domain

We know what sounds ‘manly’ in the modern day. But, Eloisa James asks, how do you write a man talking to other men in historical settings?

Remaking the virgin hero

Show Yuuki, "Untitled," Flickr, 2006.

Once upon a time, every romance heroine was a virgin. Now virgin heroines are on the downswing as virgin heroes are on the upswing.

Beasts in men’s clothing

RickyNJ, "Arctic Wolf III," Flickr, 2009

Do modern shapeshifting alpha heroes add to an old tradition of shapeshifting in stories, or are they something new?

Virgin identity

Cover Illustration, Pleasure Me, Author: Monica Burns, 2011, Berkley Trade

Scholar Jonathan A. Allan asks, how do virgin heroes articulate their identity in romance novels?

Hero or stalker?

Margaret Mahy, The Changeover, Magnet, 1994

How do we know if a hero’s being heroic–or creepy? Deborah Kaplan looks at Twilight (2005) and The Changeover (1984).

Male virginity

Yosuke Muroya, "Unicorn," Flickr, 2012.

As the number of virgin heroines in romance novels decreases, is the number of romance heroes rising?