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Writing mature love

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Jennifer Crusie says that the structure of romance novels makes it difficult for them to depict mature love. Rarely do novels cover a several year period, and so writers have to foreshadow a deeper connection than the infatuation that comes from the characters first…

Interdisciplinary love studies

Photo, 154/365 - Heart for you, Olga Filonenko, Mar. 24, 2013, Flickr, creative commons

When we think about love, do we cast too narrow a net? Dr. Stephanie Evans makes the call to think more broadly about the many faces of love.

Diotima: Classical love

Photo, Roman female sarcophagus muses left side, Jonathan Dresner, 2008, Flickr

The website Diotima introduces visitors to love, romance, and the roles of women in the ancient classical world.

A tribute to Gerald Jackson Sr.

Screenshot, Brenda and Gerald Sr. Jackson, premiere of Truly Everlasting, 2011, Laurie Kahn

Filmmaker Laurie Kahn offers a tribute to Gerald Sr., husband of author Brenda Jackson, who passed away in 2013.

Proceedings of the Old Bailey

Photo, The Central Criminal Court, Old Bailey, Alan Denney, 2012, Flickr, Creative Commons

Historic court records capture the married and romantic life of the lower classes in the Proceedings of the Old Bailey.

The romance of WWII?

Photo, Fumiko Isumizawa and G McCaughey cutting their wedding cake, 25 Oct. 1952, Australian War Memorial, Flickr Commons

Was the reality of romance during World War II as satisfying as the images we see in popular culture? Scholar Karen Dunak takes a look.

No Valentine’s Day

Image, Vintage Valentine's Day Postcard, Dave, Jan. 20, 2007, Flickr, Creative Commons

In the early 20th century, romance fought a battle against eugenics in the U.S.

The value of discretion

Photo, Mischief Mari with Jane Austen Teapot Cookie, mischief mari, Nov. 2, 2007, Flickr, Creative Commons

Amy Elizabeth Smith had to decide how to balance editorial, public, and personal interests when writing about her own romance (and Jane Austen).

The inspirational’s roots

Film still, Eric Selinger, Popular Romance Project

Inspirational romance novels form part of a tradition stretching back to the 18th century. Scholar Eric Selinger looks at how they’ve changed over time.

Making modern love

Photo, Sailor Reading in His Bunk Aboard the USS Capelin at Submarine Base New London, Connecticut, August 1943, Naval Photographic Center, Original in the National Archives

Today we often turn to TV and the Internet to learn about love and romance. What did men and women turn to between World Wars I and II?