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Tale as old as time

Film still, Abby Zidle, Joseph Friedman, Popular Romance Project

Appealing characters can make even the most timeworn plot sparkle, says Gallery Books senior editor Abby Zidle.

Forming a partnership

Film still, Jayne Ann Krentz, Joseph Friedman, Popular Romance Project

Author Jayne Ann Krentz writes heroes and heroines who share her worldviews–and who are a little bit psychic.

Byronic alpha males

Film still, Sarah Frantz, interview

Scholar and editor Sarah Frantz traces the alpha male hero’s history from Byron to the present day.

Studying Nora Roberts

Film still, An Goris interview

Scholar An Goris focuses on how Nora Roberts’ work has changed as the genre has changed—and how that work has changed the genre in return.

Larger than life

Film still, Cindy Gerard, interview

Romance author Cindy Gerard creates characters with the qualities she admires in real life: honor, integrity, and the strength to survive suffering.

The need to connect

Film still, Jenny Crusie - Why is romance popular?

Jennifer Crusie believes people read romance out of a need to explore deep, thriving emotional connections.

Writing role models

Film still, Suzanne Brockmann, interview

Author Suzanne Brockmann takes the responsibility of writing heroines seriously.

Female/female romance

Film still, Sarah Frantz interview

Sarah Frantz discusses the history of female/female romance.

A little baffled

Film still, Kristin Higgans, interview

Kristan Higgins works hard to make her characters and their emotions pop for readers.

Ordinary magic

A black plaque with a checklist witch household chores

Do paranormal romance heroines have to know martial arts and wield ancient weapons? Allison Holz talks about writing more down-to-earth women.