Sourcebooks and Heyer

How did publisher Sourcebooks acquire the rights to many of influential novelist Georgette Heyer‘s historical romances and mysteries? With good luck and determination! Sourcebooks founder and president Dominique Raccah and editorial manager Deb Werksman told the story to Laurie Kahn, executive producer of the Popular Romance Project.

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RWA’s impact

The Romance Writers of America (RWA) organization was created in 1981 to advance the professional interests of romance writers. Every year the organization holds an annual conference where writers, editors, agents, and bloggers are under the same roof. Workshops are offered, deals are made, and friendships are renewed.

Over the past year, our interviewees have told us what a difference RWA has made in their lives. The video for this week has clips from interviews with Jessica Andersen, Suzanne Brockmann, Kim Castillo, Elizabeth Essex, Brenda Jackson, Crystal Jordan, Sourcebook’s Dominique Raccah, and Sarah Wendell.

My film crew and I covered the 2012 conference of the Romance Writers of America last week in Anaheim, California. A preview reel of our documentary film-in-the-making, Love Between the Covers, was shown at the opening luncheon of the conference—and it was a big hit.

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Documentary Kickstarter

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to show the reel for our upcoming documentary, Love Between the Covers, at the 2012 Romance Writers of America convention in Anaheim, California! We’re extremely grateful for our reception and to the RWA for giving us the opportunity! We’d like to share the reel with you here as well.

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Publish or not to publish?

When Dominique Raccah founded Sourcebooks in 1987 (with $17,000 from her 401(k) plan), the company initially published a few professional finance titles. Sourcebooks is now publishing five to ten single title romance novels per month (in addition to its popular gift books, college guides, nonfiction, poetry, calendars, and children’s books)—and it is the largest female owned trade book publisher in the U.S. The company has embraced digital publishing, and it is well known for its marketing strategies.

Dominique got into romance publishing when Sourcebooks published some Jane Austen sequels—and their sales took off, beyond all expectations. Dominique brought Deb Werksman on board to be the company’s acquiring editor for romance and women’s fiction. Dominique and Deb are passionate about their work, and they love talking about their favorite romance authors—from Jane Austen to Georgette Heyer to their own growing roster of romance authors.

In my interview with them, I asked, “What criteria do you use when you are looking for new romance authors?”


Dominique Raccah has thought a lot about the profound impact digital technology is having on publishing. Here’s what she has to say:

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