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An accidental novel

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Bella Andre had just made the switch from songwriting when fictional characters started having conversations in her head. Most people would be worried they are going crazy, but for Bella, she knew it was the start of a new career.

Quality rises

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As a writer, Sherry Thomas says she needs time and space to step back from her work. Only then can she find the parts of the novel that are working, and those that have room for improvement.

A pursuit of my own

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Sherry Thomas taught herself the English language by reading romance novels. And like so many other avid readers turned writers, she eventually convinced herself that romance writing could be her profession. So what happened when she found a creative outlet that her college majors…

10,000 Hours

Film still, Shelley Bates interview

It takes persistence to become a published author. Romance novelist Shelley Bates wrote five books before her sixth was published.