Never give up

Authors have to keep on trying, even through dark times when it seems like they’ll never be published. Author Robyn Carr’s daughter, Jamie, admires her mother’s stick-to-it-ive-ness to this day.


What have you learned from your mother?

Jamie: Growing up, Mom, because she stayed home and wrote, she was the mom on every nurse’s list. Whenever any kid in the neighborhood got sick at school, Mom was the one that had to go pick them up and babysit them for the day because she was the one that wasn’t working outside the home. And growing up everyone would ask me what’s it like to have a famous mother? And I didn’t know any different and, frankly, you weren’t very famous. [laughs]

Robyn: [laughs] There’s that.

Jamie: There’s that. But, you know, we don’t know any different. This is just—this is Mom. And it was funny because she had a drought and I’ll tell the story because I know you’re dying but she had this drought of time where she didn’t sell anything. And me being a coldhearted teenager at the time looked at her and said, “Any other mother would have gone and gotten a job at Starbucks or Costco by now.” [laughs] But, you know, she taught me perseverance and passion. And she never gave up. It didn’t matter how many times people told her “no, no, no,” she just kept on trudging through and kept fighting for what she wanted to do and what she loved. And I think it really empowered me and my brother to strive to be as successful as we are.

Robyn: And it also was a big surprise. I mean, even though pushing at that for so many years and Jamie said to me, “You know, I’m not proud of you for making the New York Times list. I’m proud of you for never giving up.” And then I believe she said, “When any dope would have gotten a job at Costco years ago.”

Jamie: I mean, they have health insurance benefits.

Robyn: I know! [laughs]

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