Lady Jane’s Salon

Lady Jane’s Salon was launched in 2009 by three romance authors (Maya Rodale, Hope Tarr, Leanna Renee Hieber) and a book blogger (Ron Hogan). Their series features all subgenres, from inspirational love stories to suspense thrillers with murder and mayhem.

Romance authors read aloud from their work on the first Monday of every month in the Soho district of New York City. The cover charge for Lady Jane’s Salon is $5 or “one gently used romance novel.” Net proceeds support an end-of-year donation to a NYC women’s charity.


New York City, Soho. Home of monthly romance readings at Lady Jane’s Salon.

Maya Rodale, Lady Jane’s Salon Founder: Romance is really dangerous, because it does give women ideas of what a great relationship looks like. And when you see in the early 19th century when I studied, it gave the middle class ideas about social mobility, and that was extremely threatening.

Hope Tarr, Lady Jane’s Salon Founder: No, we are the only reading series — monthly reading series for romance fiction anywhere in New York City, so that’s not just Manhattan, it’s all five boroughs. So to be the first and only of anything in New York is pretty special, and we’re excited to share the salon with everyone.

Leanna Renee Hieber, Lady Jane’s Salon Founder: So it happened like all good things start, with friends over a glass of wine.

Ron Hogan, Lady Jane’s Salon Founder: And it was kind of one of those “I’ve got a barn; let’s put on a show” moments except we didn’t have a barn, but we did have a lot of talent.

It seemed like a fabulous idea, but even more so the next day it seemed like a fabulous idea.

And we were chatting about reading series, and I just asked. I was like, “Is there one in Manhattan?” And the answer was immediately “There should be one, and we should start it.” And we did.

Cecilia Tan: Fiction is the place where it’s safe to explore your fantasies.

Eloisa James: My feeling about genre fiction—what distinguishes genre fiction from literary fiction is that genre fiction has extremely narrow parameters in which you have to be original.

Leanna Renee Hieber: [reading] “You’re the right one. I choose you. Now and in the future, I will choose you.”

Karen Rose: [reading] . . . check on them. I didn’t know they were gone, but makes sense that they’re there. Barb [?] her sister often. He was quiet a moment,standing, still standing way too close. “Who knew you were gone?”

Sarah MacLean: [reading] There had been a time when he had not been at all aloof with her. That was before she vowed never to speak to him again.

Carrie Lofty: [reading] Watch for these portents, and you will know you live in a time of prophecy.

[reading] But I cannot help myself. I’ve never metanother mortal more like him, you know. Who? Phoenix, my love of long ago.

[reading] I thought what I’d do is—. This is When Beauty Tamed the Beast. I thought I’d kind of tell you about the thinking process behind it as much as I’ve never done a reading. They’ve been kind enough to ask me here before, but I always said, “I’ve never done a reading.” You know, you have to have a Beauty. You have to have a Beast. I can’t really say that my Beauty tames my Beast, but I gave it a shot. And then the scarlet fever epidemic hits, and she had to not be a Beauty.

Dianna Love: [reading] “Rainy night in Georgia, huh?” He hadn’t heard her approach, but he should have smelled her with his senses so sharp this time of night. “Guess this means we’re still partners,” he quipped. When he ran out of choices, he kissed her.

[reading] She looked up at Fitzpatrick who watched her intently, and she realized she was holding her breath. “Detective Hot Cop,” Ruby called him. Indeed. Quietly she exhaled. It’s got a ring on it. CSU crouched beside her, and so she could focus again. “I think this guy just moved to the top of your priority list.” Lucy nodded. Indeed.

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