Hieber’s perilous prophecy

Have you imagined your favorite characters as teenagers? At New York City romance reading series Lady Jane’s Salon, Leanna Renee Hieber reads from her novel The Perilous Prophecy of Guard and Goddess. This video pulls together moments from the passage she selected:


So, am I sightline to you or to camera? Good. Awesome.

Leanna Renee Hieber, romance author, reading an excerpt at Lady Jane’s Salon.

It has to be something that’s somewhat contained. It can’t be an elaborate scene that needs a lot of setup, so when you’re doing a reading, you want something that’s short and captivating. And also consider your audience. For this audience, this is an audience that does celebrate the romantic aspects of fiction, so in this setting, I’m going to actually be reading an intimate scene between two of my main characters, so a goddess and a young man.

I was getting a lot of response from readers saying, “You know, I want to know more about The Guard—what their deal was, where they came from, how it all works. So I thought, “Well, maybe I’ll do a prequel!” So, I also just really wanted to have my brooding, stormy, hot hero as a teenager, and see what that’s all about, because that’s kind of fun. So I was like, “Oh! I can back to those years. That’ll be fun.” So yes, I’m going to read a little scene from Alexi’s teen years and the visitations from the goddess that he does not remember, so this is a bit of a window into my hero’s past that he does not take with him, so we as the readers are in for a little secret treat here.

He was a careful youth—quiet, hermetic, and, as his friends insisted, always brooding. But with this woman, with her he felt alive, happy, and eager. With her, the supernatural calling seemed no curse, but a blessing.

She leaned in, and it was like a sunbeam broke upon Alexi’s face. The soft, warm press of her lips against his sent crashing waves of pleasure across his body. It was his first kiss, and she bestowed it tenderly, gently. He found he was frozen, unable to take her in his arms as he wished. All he could do was drink in the sensation of her lips questing over his. “Nothing is as exciting as a stolen kiss, is it?” She drew back, and blushed, an action Alexi found wondrous. She was impossibly feminine, the ageless, timeless girl.

“Your destined love will love you as much as I do. She’ll come with my heart.” “Love me?” Alexi reeled. “How can you say that? You don’t even know me. You think you know my destiny and that of my new friend, but do you know me?” She traced a luminous finger down his cheek. “I have a way of knowing souls, Alexi Rychman. Yours is worthy and true. The grand work has its curses, but I promise you joy.”

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