Fans at home and abroad

Romance authors may have fans from around the world, and, with the help of the Internet, those fans can cross international borders to talk about their favorite books. Author Suzanne Brockmann’s fans stretch from the U.S. to Japan.


How do you make book signings fun?

I always try to make my book signings events. Where there’s a Q and A session, where I talk to everybody, and we all, kind of—they get to ask me questions. And we talk about the characters. We talk about writing. And I also always bring a basket of prizes, backless books, t-shirts, and book bags. Things that they can win that all you need to do is show up and you get a raffle ticket just for coming into the bookstore. And people get chances to win these prizes. And they can win something and then trade with somebody else. But they get talking. They talk to each other. And they meet each other. And I’ve gone back. There was one store, that one store in New Orleans, and I went back several years later. And I recognized many of the women from the first time I was there. And they said to me, “Yeah, you know what? We’ve been meeting for lunch once a week ever since that book signing two years ago.” And you think, “How cool is that?” There’s this community of people who meet through their love for my characters and my books. And it’s really cool. And the Internet allows that on an even larger level. And you have people that—I have a pretty lively Facebook page at this point. Where people come and post on my wall, you know, talking about the books. They’ve got a game they’re playing on one of my discussion boards. Where somebody will throw out a quote that one of the characters in one of my books has said. And everybody else has to guess who said that and from what book. And there’s something, like, you know, 2000 posts on this one thread on the discussion board. Because this game, it just won’t end. And it’s really cool. You know, and they talk about, you know, not just the books, but about their lives. And they make these connections and real honest friendships, I really think. And it’s very, very cool.

How do your books sell internationally?

My books sell really well in Japan. The Japanese translations sell like crazy. And, particularly, the Harlequin Silhouette books, the earlier books that I wrote. You know, it’s not just that they’re published in Japanese, but they’re reissued regularly […]

[…] I do know that my books are published in Indonesia. And they come shrink wrapped. Which makes me, kind of, think about, you know, like, wow. Is the content that dangerous? […]

[…] I, actually, get a lot of email from people from the Philippines who read my books. And they’re reading them in English, as well. So that’s really interesting to me. Just to know that there’s such a wide international audience. And that the stories, you know, relate to women from, you know, all around the world.

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