A conversation with readers

Keeping in touch with your readers is part and parcel of being a modern romance author. Paranormal author Nalini Singh keeps up with her fans worldwide from her home in New Zealand. She shared what it’s been like talking with readers from around the world.


How do you communicate with your readers?

Well, for me, being in New Zealand, from the start I was online because really I wasn’t in the States all the time to do signings or anything. And I’m quite a private person generally so when I went online I knew what I wanted to talk about and what I didn’t want to talk about. And so I have a lot of interaction with my readers and I really enjoy it. And then when Facebook really sort of exploded I joined Facebook and I have a Facebook page and I have a lot of reader interaction there. And I’m also on Twitter but for me Twitter is more for chatting to people. And of course I chat to readers there as well. So I don’t sort of tweet a lot myself as in what I’m doing because I guess I just don’t get Twitter. I need a Twitter class. But yeah, I like talking to people so I’ll always reply to readers and so that’s one way I keep in touch in real time I guess. And also email.

What do you discuss with your readers?

It’s not always book-related. Like I love Bollywood movies so there’s a few readers who I talk about Bollywood movies and we give each other recommendations. So that’s fun. And in the book terms, it’s a series so it’s questions about continuing characters or whose book is next. Or they might say—oh, recently the ending of a book surprised some people and they were like, “Is there going to be more about this couple?” and so those kind of questions. And sometimes it’s speculation about like a secret in the book and what they think, what their theory is. And it’s just fun stuff. And then quite often we’ll talk books, not my books, just other authors’ books as well and get recommendations or recommend books myself. So I think it goes both ways. I don’t kind of feel like that I’m sort of the only one talking. It feels like a conversation.

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