Becoming a cover artist


Pickyme (Patricia Schmitt) was born in Mississippi, far from the New York publishing scene, but she’s now creating cover art for bestselling romance authors and their publishers. In a recent interview with the Popular Romance Project, she explained how she got to where she is as a totally self-taught artist.

Pickyme got her first romance cover job a little more than a year before our interview. When we spoke, she’d already done 134 covers! She laughingly told us she’s a workaholic, explained how she got her first cover job, and described what happened when she was asked to do a cover for Sherrilyn Kenyon, who’s her idol.

Download a transcript.

Pickyme’s observations about the romance community and its social networks are extremely interesting. What’s your all-time favorite romance cover? And why is it your favorite?

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Laurie Kahn is the executive producer of the Popular Romance Project.

If you enjoyed this interview, you can find more information at Pickyme’s website.

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