An accidental novel

Bella Andre had just made the switch from songwriting when fictional characters started having conversations in her head. Most people would be worried they are going crazy, but for Bella, she knew it was the start of a new career.


When did you start writing romance?

At the point in my life when two fictional characters started to have a conversation in my head, I was actively working on the book called The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. And in that very, very well-known book for artists, she recommends morning pages. So she says, “Get up every morning and the first thing you do is write three pages.” 

And I think she really intends it to be, like, get all your complaints and your whining and everything out of the way for the day. So you can go forth and do great things. So I’m sure I did that for a while.

And then, one day I sat down to do my morning pages and that’s not what came out. It came out, it was, again, it was this fictional dialog between two people that I didn’t know. And I really enjoyed it. I wrote it down. And then, at the end of the three pages, I closed the notebook and I went on with my day. And then, the next day, I woke up and sat down to do my morning pages again. And the conversation continued. And a few months later, I had filled up two or three notebooks. And that is what my morning pages turned into, a novel. It was very exciting. I truly never saw it coming that I would write fiction. 

I had written two non-fiction books and those had been published and done well. And I was part of a writers’ group in my hometown. And I used to say to them, people who wrote fiction, I was like, “That’s weird. So how does that happen?” And, you know, they couldn’t really explain it.

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