Romance in Indian cinema

Film still, Jayashree Kamble interview

While novels may be the dominant form of popular romance in the U.S., cinema dominates in India, says scholar Jayashree Kamble.

Overexposed and undervalued

Film still, Pamela Regis interview, Popular Romance Project

Scholar Pamela Regis teaches popular romance as an interdisciplinary subject.

Military characters

Film still, Cindy Gerard, 2012, Joseph Friedman, Popular Romance Project

Cindy Gerard, author of romantic suspense, explains why she started writing novels about veterans and the difficulties they face.

The power of romance

Film still, Catherine Roach interview, Popular Romance Project

The romance narrative is one of the, if not the, most powerful narratives in existence, says scholar Catherine Roach.

Engaging the reader

Film still, Rosemary Potter, Popular Romance Project

Bookstore owner Rosemary Potter knows what it takes for a romance novel to grab a reader.

Byronic alpha males

Film still, Sarah Frantz, interview

Scholar and editor Sarah Frantz traces the alpha male hero’s history from Byron to the present day.

Trust a woman

Film still, J. Perry Stone, interview

Like many romance authors, J. Perry Stone first discovered romance by raiding her mother’s stash.

German romance in the U.S.

Engraving, E. Marlitt, 1887, from Die Gartenlaube, Wikimedia

In the late 1800s, romance novels by German author E. Marlitt were big sellers in the U.S.

Never give up

Film still, Robyn Carr and Jamie, 2012, Joseph Friedman, Popular Romance Project

Author Robyn Carr’s daughter, Jamie, admires her mother’s stick-to-it-ive-ness to this day.

Cover shoots

Film still, Interview, Kim Killion

Cover artist Kim Killion knows what it takes to shoot a good cover photo.