Tyranny of choice

Film still, Jessie Matthews interview

You’re teaching a class on romance novels, and only have time to cover a few books. Which do you choose? Professor Jessie Matthews explains her choices.

Interdisciplinary love studies

Photo, 154/365 - Heart for you, Olga Filonenko, Mar. 24, 2013, Flickr, creative commons

When we think about love, do we cast too narrow a net? Dr. Stephanie Evans makes the call to think more broadly about the many faces of love.

Teaching the romance

Film still, Jessie Matthews interview

George Mason University professor Jessie Matthews shares her reasons for designing an undergraduate literature course on romance novels.

Outwitting the kill order

Film still, Shelley Bates interview

Writing under three names helps romance author Shelley Bates maneuver the expectations of bookstores and readers.

A good cover

Film still, Kim Killion interview

As more people shop online for their next read, cover designers have to make sure their covers are eye-catching at any size, says designer Kim Killion.

In on the ground floor

Film still, Steve Axelrod interview

Agent Steven Axelrod has represented romance authors for more than 30 years, since the market opened up to American writers in the 1980s.

Why boomer romance?

Film still, Melanie Ann Schaeffer interview

Melanie Ann Schaeffer explains why she write romance for a boomer audience.

Diotima: Classical love

Photo, Roman female sarcophagus muses left side, Jonathan Dresner, 2008, Flickr

The website Diotima introduces visitors to love, romance, and the roles of women in the ancient classical world.

A tribute to Gerald Jackson Sr.

Screenshot, Brenda and Gerald Sr. Jackson, premiere of Truly Everlasting, 2011, Laurie Kahn

Filmmaker Laurie Kahn offers a tribute to Gerald Sr., husband of author Brenda Jackson, who passed away in 2013.

Breaking the barrier

Film still, Sarah Frantz, interview

In the past, scholars studying romance novels did so in isolation. Today popular romance scholars act within a growing community.