Pacing yourself

Film still, Steve Axelrod, interview

New romance authors face enormous pressure says agent Steven Axelrod.

Archive of Our Own

Photo, Cosplay photography moo cards, Jonathan McIntosh, Flickr, 2010

What do romance fiction and fanfiction have in common? Scholar Katherine Morrissey explore fanfiction website Archive of Our Own.

When a book sings

Film still, Nalini Singh interview

Author Nalini Singh wrote her first single-title romance while working in Japan.

First attempts

Film still, Nalini singh, Popular Romance Project

Author Nalini Singh recalls her first attempts at writing romance novels.

Developing a series

Film still, Jill Shalvis, Popular Romance Project

Sometimes a one-shot idea expands into a series. Jill Shalvis talks about the origins of her Lucky Harbor books.

Luck, timing, & fairy dust

Film still, Cindy Gerard, interview

Author Cindy Gerard’s transition from category to single-title romance was a bit bumpy.

Not your mother’s romance

Film still, Suzanne Brockmann, interview

Suzanne Brockmann used category romance as a training ground for twisting conventional romance tropes.