Getting started with covers

Film still, Pickyme - How did you get started designing book covers?

Every week, artist Pickyme (Patricia Schmitt) designs as many as three new romance novel covers. How did she get started in design?

The romance of WWII?

Photo, Fumiko Isumizawa and G McCaughey cutting their wedding cake, 25 Oct. 1952, Australian War Memorial, Flickr Commons

Was the reality of romance during World War II as satisfying as the images we see in popular culture? Scholar Karen Dunak takes a look.

Romance responsiveness

Film still, Sarah Frantz, 2013, Joseph Friedman, Popular Romance Project

With the quick turnaround publishers expect from romance writers, romance novels are one of the most market-responsive genres.

Bond in love

Film still, Casino Royale, Martin Campbell, 2006, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

In James Bond’s world, the romance narrative must always fail. How and why? asks scholar Jayashree Kamble.