The inspirational’s roots

Film still, Eric Selinger, Popular Romance Project

Inspirational romance novels form part of a tradition stretching back to the 18th century. Scholar Eric Selinger looks at how they’ve changed over time.

Eureka moments

Film still, Cindy Gerard, 2012, Joseph Friedman, Popular Romance Project

Cindy Gerard, author of romantic suspense novels, says when she starts writing a new novel, it’s “like a bright, shiny new toy.”

Making modern love

Photo, Sailor Reading in His Bunk Aboard the USS Capelin at Submarine Base New London, Connecticut, August 1943, Naval Photographic Center, Original in the National Archives

Today we often turn to TV and the Internet to learn about love and romance. What did men and women turn to between World Wars I and II?

Truths about love

Film still, Try, P!nk, 2012, RCA Records

From love poetry to P!nk’s “Try,” artists and writers paint love and romance as a complicated creature, says scholar Eric Selinger.