Victorian women writers

Woman Reading, c. 1890, Flickr Commons, National Media Museum, Kodak Gallery Collection

What romance novels from the past have you read? The Victorian Women Writers Project makes available many sentimental works.

When life imitates art

Oil on canvas, Two Strings to Her Bow, 1887, John Pettie, Original in the collections of the Art Gallery and Museum, Kelvingrove

Would the actual Regency allow the polyamorous and queer happy endings she imagines? asks author Ann Herendeen.

Not that type of girl

Photo, K.A. Mitchell, Image provided by author

What does the public expect a romance writer to look like? K.A. Mitchell isn’t sure, but she’s not it.

Regency resources

Heather Cowper, "Regency Dress from the Fashion Museum in Bath," Flickr, 2008.

Author Isobel Carr recommends resources for writing Regency romance.

Remaking the virgin hero

Show Yuuki, "Untitled," Flickr, 2006.

Once upon a time, every romance heroine was a virgin. Now virgin heroines are on the downswing as virgin heroes are on the upswing.

Axelrod on voice

Film Still, Steve Axelrod, Joseph Friedman, Popular Romance Project

Agent Steven Axelrod has worked with romance authors for more than 30 years–time to see many changes.

Librarian by day

Photo, Library, Ellen Forsyth, 3 September 2009, Flickr, creative commons

As the title of this post probably tells you, I’m a librarian for my day job. I don’t normally wear my hair in a bun, but I do sport a pair of glasses and have been known to shush people while at the reference…

Fifty shades of genre

Photo, The Primadonna, c. 1928, Library of Congress, No known restrictions on publication. No renewal in Copyright office.

Where does Fifty Shades of Grey fit, generically? Is it erotica? Romance? Scholar Jodi McAlister on genre boundaries.

Pearce’s must-haves

Oil on canvas, The Marquise de Pezé and the Marquise de Rouget with Her Two Children, 1787, Elisabeth Vigée-LeBrun, original in collection of the National Gallery of Art

Historical romances are backed by hours of research. Author Kate Pearce shares her favorite reference books.

Presidential romance

Film still, Happy 20th Anniversary Barack and Michelle, 2012,

What does positive media coverage of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle’s marriage mean for black Americans?