Think globally, love locally

Taj Mahal, Flickr, 2011

Anywhere you go, someone will tell you their city, region, or country knows the most about love and romance, says scholar Eric Selinger.

The joys of research books

Photo, Penrhyn Castle, Bangor, North Wales, 24 September 2011, Calotype46, Flickr, creative commons

Historical romance author Sandra Schwab shares her favorite research books.

Where is the love?

Promotional Image, Baker King Kim Tak Goo, 2010, KBS

Not every couple in Korean dramas has a happy ending. At least, not by American standards, says scholar Crystal S. Anderson.

Beasts in men’s clothing

RickyNJ, "Arctic Wolf III," Flickr, 2009

Do modern shapeshifting alpha heroes add to an old tradition of shapeshifting in stories, or are they something new?

Worst writing advice ever?

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Have you ever been told to ‘write what you know’? Author Carolyn Jewel explains why it’s horrible advice.

Around the world

Map, Authors in Study by Country, Jack Elliott

Word choices, even subtle ones, can give away a novel’s country of origin.