Author, publisher, surgeon

Film still, Len Barot, Joseph Friedman, Popular Romance Project

Len Barot/Radclyffe read her first lesbian romance novel in 1973. Later, she would create a LGBT press with a mainstream model.

The Sheik and the Vixen

State Library of South Australia, "Bridget Darmody on a camel," Flickr, 1892

In contemporary sheik novels, white women usually save the day. Elizabeth Mayne’s The Sheik and the Vixen is different.

USA Today’s HEA

Photo, Joyce Lamb, Image provided by author

Author Joyce Lamb writes about romance novels for USA Today, and enjoys every minute of it.

A romance novel as art?

Gelatin silver print, Marcel Duchamp as Rrose Sélavy, c. 1920-21, Man Ray, In collection of the Philadelphia Museum of Art

If Duchamp’s readymades and Internet found poetry are art, what about romance novels?

Call me?

Film Still, "Call Me Maybe," 2011, Carly Rae Jepsen, 604 Records Inc.

What conversations about romance sprang up around Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe”? Scholar William Gleason takes a look.