The preview scene

Ashoe, Trailer preview, Flickr, 2006.

The preview scene at the front of a romance novel spotlights how an author makes genre conventions her own.

Digital self-publishing

Cover art, Slim to None, Jenny Gardiner, 2010, Diversion Books

Why would an author choose self-publishing over working with agents and publishers?

Through the Johari Window

Photo, Bougainvillea & Round Window, 30 March 2007, cellar_door_films, Flickr, creative commons

The Johari Window, a psychologists’ tool, can chart the stages in which heroes and heroines open up to each other in romances.

Boomers need love, too

Photo, Couple at Blues Fest, 30 June 2006, David Goshorn, Flickr, creative commons

Romance novels usually star young women, but what about older readers?

My first love

Film Still, The Princess Bride, 1987, MGM

Scholar Lindsay Hayes first fell in love with true love with The Princess Bride.

How I adapt history

Photo, Elizabeth Essex, Image provided by author

How does a historical novel bridge the line between total fact and fantasy expectation? Elizabeth Essex explains how she compromises.

Editing for satisfaction

Cover Art, Best Lesbian Romance 2009, 2009, Edited by Radclyffe, Cleis Press

It’s not the same as writing! Len Barot explains the different mindset required for editing a romance anthology.