Of saints and angels

A. Davey, "Ethiopian St. George And The Dragon - Detail," Flickr, 2007.

What is the place of violence in the romance novel? asks author Eloisa James. She looks at the novels of Nalini Singh.

African American romance

Film still, Gwen Osborne, Joseph Friedman, Popular Romance Project

Gwen Osborne summarizes the history of the African American romance novel.

Loving Pygmalion?

Lobby Card, My Fair Lady, 1964, Warner Bros. Pictures Distributing Corporation

What does the story of Pygmalion look like when you swap the characters’ genders? Jayashree Kamble looks at Judith Ivory’s The Proposition.

On the threshold

Evan Bench, "L'Enlèvement de Proserpine par Pluton," Flickr, 2007

Every romance features a tense moment of ritual death, when all seems lost. Scholar Pam Regis looks at where that tradition came from.

Play it again, Selena Gomez

Film Still, Love You Like a Love Song, 2011, Selena Gomez and the Scene, Hollywood Records

More often than not, we love and romance ‘by the book,’ say poetry and love songs from throughout time.

Writing on a dare

Film still, Crystal Jordan, Joseph Friedman, Project Romance Project

Author and librarian Crystal Jordan started writing romance on a dare from her grandmother.