Here’s to Mrs. Robinson

Film still, The Graduate, 1967, MGM

The Graduate captured the anxieties and possibilities of a changing sexual culture.

Is it love?

Film still, Eric Selinger, Joseph Friedman, Popular Romance Project

We might not recognize love in another time and place says scholar Eric Selinger.

Choosing SEALs

Film still, Suzanne Brockmann, Joseph Friedman, Popular Romance Project

Suzanne Brockmann tells the Popular Romance Project how she chose to write about SEALs.

Is love universal?

Film still, Eric Selinger, Joseph Friedman, Popular Romance Project

Is love the same around the globe? Scholar Eric Selinger say no – it has fascinating variations.

Feminist romance

Kayla Sawyer, "Feminist Fist," Flickr, 2009.

Popular romance scholars may now be ‘splitters’ instead of ‘lumpers,’ says Jackie C. Horne of Romance Novels for Feminists.

Christmas past

Postcard, Herzliche Neujahrsgruße!, August Rokl, New York Public Library Digital Gallery

Historical authors are sometimes caught between historical accuracy and meeting reader expectations. How do they compromise?

Victorian women writers

Woman Reading, c. 1890, Flickr Commons, National Media Museum, Kodak Gallery Collection

What romance novels from the past have you read? The Victorian Women Writers Project makes available many sentimental works.

When life imitates art

Oil on canvas, Two Strings to Her Bow, 1887, John Pettie, Original in the collections of the Art Gallery and Museum, Kelvingrove

Would the actual Regency allow the polyamorous and queer happy endings she imagines? asks author Ann Herendeen.

Not that type of girl

Photo, K.A. Mitchell, Image provided by author

What does the public expect a romance writer to look like? K.A. Mitchell isn’t sure, but she’s not it.

Regency resources

Heather Cowper, "Regency Dress from the Fashion Museum in Bath," Flickr, 2008.

Author Isobel Carr recommends resources for writing Regency romance.